Preparing Your Home for Imagery

Preparing Your Home for Imagery

The condition of your home in the photographs will play a major role in determining which houses buyers will consider walking through. Your imagery specialist’s goal in providing professional photography is to present your home in the best possible condition to stand out among the many home listings buyers can choose.

We will be shooting both the inside and outside of your home and major rooms.  We do not photograph the garage or closets unless they have special features, but some factual images may be taken.

Professional photographs will only place more emphasis on a cluttered, unkept house. It is extremely important that your house is as ready as possible when photographer arrives.  Cleaning and arranging as photographer shoots will not yield acceptable results.  Although on a Full Service shoot the photographer may reposition items for staging purposes however the following should be addressed prior to shoot to maximize the value of your session.

Here’s a checklist.

-Make sure all light bulbs are functional and turn on ALL lights.  The photographer will turn off any necessary.

-Make all beds and tidy bedrooms.  Mattress covers and properly sized bedding make sides of bed look much more pleasing in photos.

-Straighten: fresh towels, bed skirts and bedding.

-Pets must be placed out of sight and out of the way.

-Remove: trash cans, throw rugs, toiletries, small kitchen appliances, vehicles from driveway and from front of house, toys, bikes, dirty dishes, all items on refrigerator, dirty clothes, newspapers, magazines, pet food bowls, pet cages, personal items from bathroom counters/showers (toothbrushes, razors, bars of soap, wash etc)

-Clean: all counters, mirrors, shower glass, driveway, sidewalks, walkways.  Power washing is advised.

-The yard should be mowed and raked, weeds pulled

-Hide: electric cords, garden tools, hoses, sprinklers.

-Garden furniture needs to be unstacked arranged with cushions (if applicable).

-Turn off: TV’s, ceiling fans.

Your Most Important Job as Sellers

We can NOT stress enough the impact your professional photo shoot will have when hitting the market. This will be the first impression and is called the first showing,

HELPFUL HINT: Try taking photos using your phone and see what items still stand out to you.

De-clutter. Clutter is magnified extensively in the small frame of a photograph. Items under beds and other furnishings WILL be seen.


The role of a professional photographer is to present your home in the best possible condition, showcasing its features and amenities so that it becomes a stand out among the many home listings buyers can choose from on the market today.
This will be the first impression prospective buyers will have when viewing your photos online. Have questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we answer regarding what we do and how we help sell your property.


Do I need to do anything to my home to get it ready for a photographer?
It’s extremely important that your home be clutter-free and “show ready” when a photographer arrives. Although the photographer may reposition minor items for staging purposes, a homeowner should take steps to prepare so that photographs enhance their home’s features. These include:
• Removing personal items from bathroom counters/showers
• Unstacking garden furniture and arranged with cushions (if applicable)
• Ensuring all light bulbs are functional and turning on all built-in lights
• Making all beds and tidying bedrooms
• Putting away children’s toys or organizing children’s playrooms to maximize space
• Placing pets out of sight during photo shoot
• Removing throw rugs, small kitchen appliances, items on refrigerator, dirty clothes and vehicles from driveway
• Cleaning off mirrors, counters, driveway, sidewalks and walkways
• Mowing the yard, pulling weeds and raking leaves
How long will it take to photography my property?
The amount of time required to properly photograph a home depends on the service that has been requested (photographs versus full-scale video production) and the size of the property. As a general guideline, plan on about 1 hour, but large home and commercial properties may take longer.
What rooms do you photograph?
We will shoot both the inside and outside of your home, as well as major rooms. We do not photograph the garage or closets unless they have special features.
Do you use PhotoShop to touch up photos?
PhotoShop is a great tool, but nothing replaces ensuring your home is photo ready when we arrive. A home will only look as good in photos as it does in person.
What happens after a photographer comes through our home?
We will review all the photos and select the images that best represent your property. Once your home is loaded in MLS, you will receive a copy of the MLS posting to view.