Full Service vs Ready Shoot

Setup vs Ready to Go

Sometimes you need the house setup.  Sometimes you don’t.

Setup Shoot

This is for when the home needs any setup at all.  We’ll go through and move less desirable items out of the way for the images.  Also we’ll stage the home as much as possible with what the owner already has there.  The more decluttered the home when we arrive the more time we can spend setting the energy in the room and moving furniture around if necessary.  This is what made Rodney famous.  Its like an executed staging consult with pics.

Ready to Go

This where you just need our photography so the appointments are much shorter.  The house needs to be turnkey when we walk in the door- we’ll set the window dressings, turn on the lights, and we’ll hide trash cans and soap dispensers.  But that’s it.  If the home needs any additional setup it needs to be a Setup shoot.