Media Production/ Cinematography

Media Production/Cinematography

Our owner has been involved in video and film production since high school and has never stopped learning the craft.  He pursued a B.A. in Communications from Otterbein University and graduated in 2001.  He followed that up with 7+ years experience working with the best photojournalists in the business where he made sure to take advantage of learning every trick in the trade.  But he also paired that with a very successful 2.5 year stint in advertising sales at The Columbus Dispatch honing his client focused success skills.

Having more recently moved on to taking on larger roles as a director and writer in addition to the producer, editor and director of photography roles he had been assuming Rodney can handle nearly any situation.  And he has the top tier team of colleagues in place for larger projects when more resources are required to get the job done right.

More recent client needs have involved working on larger advertising campaigns with media buying services as well.  If you need guidance with media buying we have consulting rates as well as commissions on broadcast purchases.

Contact Rodney today to discuss your creative ideas and needs at 614.940.4249 or

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