Digital Cinema

Real Estate Digital Cinema

The use of digital cinema photography provides a whole new dimension to real estate, giving a seller an enormous advantage needed to succeed in a competitive market. Before potential buyers even step into a home, they have conceptualized the property – understanding its features, layout and amenities.

No matter the size, a listed property will benefit from the use of digital cinema, whether it’s a quick video that provides a walk-through of a home, a produced cinema motion tour that feels more refined, or a custom lifestyle tour that brings a property to life. Larger properties, which are often limited in the number of photographs potential buyers see because of its sheer size, especially benefit from digital cinema.
Once a digital cinema package is completed, its marketing value continues. Each client is provided with a high-resolution branded file, a social media branded file and an unbranded video, as well as MLS HTML code. R. Middendorf Media, LLC provides instructions on how to upload each of these types of files so that they may be used in a broader marketing campaign.